Conference Schedule

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Monday, August 6 - 2007

09:00 Opening Ceremony
09:20 Keynote Talks
Keynote Talks
10:40 Coffee
11:00 Talk 1
Prosody I
Prosody I: Dialect Intonation
Acoustics I
Acoustics I: Speaker-Specific Aspects
Production I
Production I: Imitation and Learning
Perception I
Perception I: Incomplete Neutralisation
Universals and Typology
Universals and Typology
Phonetic Neuroling.
Phonetic Neurolinguistics
12:00 Lunch 
13:20 Talk 2
Prosody II
Prosody II: Intonational Phonology
Clinical Phonetics I
Clinical Phonetics I
Production II
Production II: Vocal Tract Modelling
Phonetic Psycholing. I
Phonetic Psycholinguistics I: Segmental Effects
Speaking Styles and Expressive Speech
Foreign Lang. Acqu. I
Foreign Language Acquisition I: New Teaching Methodology
14:20 Poster I
Poster I
16:00 Talk 3
Prosody III
Prosody III: Alignment and Articulation
Contrastive Phonetics
Contrastive Phonetics and Phonology
Production III
Production III: Consonants Across Languages
Sociophonetics I
Sociophonetics I
Forensic Phonetics
Forensic Phonetics
17:45 Welcome Reception

Tuesday, August 7 - 2007

09:00 Talk 4
Prosody IV
Prosody IV: Stress and Rhythm
Clinical Phonetics II
Clinical Phonetics II
Production IV
Production IV: Gestures and Timing
Perception II
Perception II: Cross-Language
L 1 Acquisition I
First Language Acquisition I
Sociophonetics II
Sociophonetics II
10:00 Poster II
Poster II
11:40 Lunch / IPA Members' Meeting
13:20 Talk 5
Prosody V
Prosody V: Phrasing
Acoustics II
Acoustics II: Vowels
Production V
Production V: Coarticulation
Phonetic Psycholing. II
Phonetic Psycholinguistics II: Perceptual contrasts
Voice Quality I
Voice Quality I
Foreign Lang. Acqu. II
Foreign Language Acquisition II: Foreign Accent
14:20 Poster III
Poster III
Special Sessions I 
L2 Acqu. & Exemplar Theory
Second Language Acquisition and Exemplar Theory
Meaning and Speech
Between Meaning and Speech: On the Role of Communicative Functions, Representations and Articulations
Of Mouths, Ears, Eyes and Brains -- The Sensory Motor Foundations of Spoken Language
Reality for the Brain
Do Phonological Features have any Reality for the Brain?
Arabic Phonetics
Arabic Phonetics at the Beginning of the 2nd Millenium
Natural Phonology
Natural Phonology: Universal Principles for the Study of Language

Wednesday, August 8 - 2007

09:00 Talk 6
Prosody VI
Prosody VI: Information Structure
Acoustics III
Acoustics III: Lenition, Reduction, Undershoot
Production VI
Production VI: Laryngeal Activity
Perception III
Perception III: Fast/Synthetic Speech
Speaker Charact.
Speaker Characteristics
Phonetic Psycholing. III
Phonetic Psycholinguistics III: Speech Variability
10:00 Poster IV
Poster IV
11:40 Lunch 
  Free afternoon

Thursday, August 9 - 2007

09:00 Talk 7
Prosody VII
Prosody VII: Pragmatics
Acoustics IV
Acoustics IV: Oral and Nasal Stops
Production VII
Production VII: Assimilation and Sandhi
Perception IV
Perception IV: Vowels
L1 Acquisition II
First Language Acquisition II
Phonetic Psycholing. IV
Phonetic Psycholinguistics IV: Talker Familiarity
10:00 Poster V
Poster V
11:40 Lunch / ISPhS Members' Meeting
13:20 Talk 8
Prosody VIII
Prosody VIII: Quantity and Duration
Foreign Lang. Acqu. III
Foreign Language Acquisition III: Miscellaneous
Production VIII
Production VIII: Prosodic Factors of Consonants
Prosody IX
Prosody IX: Discourse
Voice Quality II
Voice Quality II
Perception V
Perception V: Cue Use
14:20 Poster VI
Poster VI
Special Sessions II 
Sound to Sense
Sound to Sense: Modelling Fine Phonetic Detail
Intonational Development
Intonational Development from Babbling to the Two-word Stage
AV Speech
Audiovisual Speech: Analysis, Synthesis, Perception and Recognition
Biological Grounding
Is there a Biological Grounding of Phonology?
Nasalization Processes at the Interface between Phonetics and Phonology
Speech Timing
Speech Timing: Approaches to Speech Rhythm
Barbecue Party 

Friday, August 10 - 2007

09:00 Talk 9
Prosody X
Prosody X: Tonal Realisation and Accommodation
Acoustics V
Acoustics V: Miscellaneous
Production IX
Production IX: Quantity and Speech Rate
Perception VI
Perception VI: Prosody Effects
L1 Acquisition III
First Language Acquisition III
Foreign Lang. Acqu. IV
Foreign Language Acquisition IV: Perceptual Training
10:00 Poster VII
Poster VII
11:40 Lunch 
13:20 Talk 10
Prosody XI
Prosody XI: Lexical Tone
Prosody XII
Prosody XII: Hesitation and Articulation Rate
Production X
Production X: Frequency and Recency
Perception VII
Perception VII: Audio-Visual Effects
Foreign Lang. Acqu. V
Foreign Language Acquisition V: Vowels
Phonetic Psycholing. V
Phonetic Psycholinguistics V: Phonological Variation
14:20 Poster VIII
Poster VIII
Address from the Chair and Closing Ceremony