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Special Sessions

  1. Between Meaning and Speech: On the Role of Communicative Functions, Representations and Articulations
  2. Second Language Acquisition and Exemplar Theory
  3. Natural Phonology: Universal Principles for the Study of Language
  4. Do Phonological Features have any Reality for the Brain?
  5. Arabic Phonetics at the Beginning of the 3rd Millenium
  6. Of Mouths, Ears, Eyes and Brains -- The Sensory Motor Foundations of Spoken Language
  7. Sound to Sense: Modelling Fine Phonetic Detail
  8. Is there a Biological Grounding of Phonology?
  9. Nasalization Processes at the Interface between Phonetics and Phonology
  10. Audiovisual Speech: Analysis, Synthesis, Perception and Recognition
  11. Intonational Development from Babbling to the Two-word Stage
  12. Speech Timing: Approaches to Speech Rhythm

Regular Sessions

  1. Speech Production
  2. Speech Perception
  3. Speech Acoustics
  4. Speech Prosody
  5. Phonetics of Conversation and Dysfluent Speech
  6. Synchronic and Diachronic Phonology, Universals and Typology
  7. Dialectology and Sociophonetics
  8. First Language Acquisition
  9. Foreign Language Acquisition
  10. Contrastive Phonetics and Phonology
  11. Forensic Phonetics and Speaker Characteristics
  12. Phonetic Neurolinguistics
  13. Phonetic Psycholinguistics
  14. Clinical Phonetics and Pathophonetics
  15. Voice Quality
  16. Speaking Styles, Expressive Speech and Multimodal Phonetics
  17. Speech Technology