Ghada Khattab
University of newcastle, UK

ID 1734
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This paper reports on phonological and phonetic patterns of gemination in Lebanese Arabic (LA) and temporal relations between geminate consonants and vowel length. The study investigates the effect of style on absolute and proportional durations by eliciting data from word lists and near-naturalistic conversations. Five Lebanese females were recorded reading target word lists containing medial long and short consonants preceded by long and short vowels and engaging in near-naturalistic conversations. Acoustic and auditory analyses of medial consonants and of preceding and following vowel durations were made. Results suggest that vowels and consonants show proportional rather than absolute temporal compensation in singleton and geminate targets. In spontaneous speech, target long vowels and consonants overlap in duration with singleton targets in word list style and the percept of phonological length is mainly achieved through the proportional durations for each of the short or long targets and their surrounding sounds.